LIMACTA: More time for a client|Less time with documets|All in one place|Don´t forget anything|Have the full control

There is no need to switch different applications or go through written notes. You have everything at hand when preparing documents. You won’t forget anything by monitoring all changes and even without leaving the text editor.
These are the main benefits of the Limacta system.

And not only that...

Limacta means:


higher efficiency


more information


saving of time



Limacta is my vision of how lawyers and people who come into contact with legal documents could and should use modern technology. The crucial aspect is efficiency – not doing anything that a machine can do for you, not looking for anything that should be at hand, and not forgetting anything that has already been said or discovered.

Together with the lawyers, I tried the available tools, their modifications, and, thanks to my technological background, various new possibilities. Finally, after several years of trials and failures, it was possible to assemble modern technologies and connect them to the tools we use daily so that efficiency, speed, accuracy, certainty, and safety during the work on important documents regain their value.

The use of Limacta returns naturalness, clarity, and simplicity to working with documents, especially in the area of ​​editing, tracking, and maintenance of content. It is no longer necessary to search for how many versions you currently have and with which one is working, to guess and find the current final wording of the contract with the inclusion of all appendixes, to enable the sharing and distribution of partial parts of the document without losing the link to the primary document, to check how the client’s requirements have been incorporated, or leave notes, attachments, and emails linked directly to the appropriate places in the document for colleagues who will work with the documents in the future. In addition, it also enables the machine to supplement human capabilities, Limacta automatically evaluates the obligations of one or the other party and monitors deadlines, or changes due to legislative updates in all active contracts.

Thanks to the large saving of time and the increase in the quality of work, a person has more space to devote himself to what the machine does not handle so well – creative and strategic activities, understanding the needs of the client and his requirements.

Michal Stránský – founder

Saving of time

Today, technology can make working with a document more efficient in ​​actions such as versioning and saving comments or changes.

The client does not want to pay for these activities, the lawyer does not like to do them, and they take up space and capacity that are needed for understanding business requirements, strategic thinking, and developing a relationship with clients.

Typical activities:

  • Loading the current version of the contract including all appendixes
  • Preparation of changes to the contract, especially if there are already appendixes
  • Distribution and merging of versions and working copies of documents
  • Tracing text history changes and their reasons

What if you had a tool that eliminated these activities, or at least radically reduced the time needed to implement them?

Limacta can do it.

Information enrichment

The legal documents contain all the important information, however, this information can be enriched as much as possible, thereby increasing the informational value of the document.

  • Preservation of documents and client requirements linked to specific provisions
  • History of changes in the document identifying who made the changes and when
  • Emails, images, documents, communications, etc., all of these actions can be directly linked to specific changes in the text, and thus help in the future when editing current texts, even if the legal team no longer has the original ones at their disposal
  • Automatic linking to legal documents – laws, judgments, interpretations, etc., and providing them while reading the document
  • Preservation of the know-how that arose during the preparation of documents (needs and risks of the client, communication) and is linked to the final wording of the contract will make it easier for everyone to understand the contract in a wider context

Today’s hyper-information age can provide lawyers in various forms with tools that make their work easier and more efficient.

Limacta offers these tools directly as part of the regular MS Word text editor.

Increase in efficiency

Robotization and automation are now commonly used wherever it makes sense. Machines probably won’t write a contract for you for a while, but they can research all documents quite efficiently.

  • Identification of the impact of changes in legislation on all active contracts
  • Control of changes in legal entities – update of addresses, trust changes, control of contact details for contacts in contracts
  • Finding related case law thanks to the number of paragraphs
  • Specification of time activities in contracts and notification of their deadlines

All these points can already be processed by information technology thanks to the tools that legal entities can use.

Therefore, Limacta uses a unique text content storage system that can process information faster than individual text documents.

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